Monday, May 16, 2011

New live versions of some Fustercluck!!! favorites

Elastic No-No Band has a new (mostly) live album coming out May 31 called Charmingly Shambolic and Mostly Live. It includes 11 new live renditions of tracks featured on Fustercluck!!!.

We have already "leaked" a number of tracks from the album on our Bandcamp page, so check them out:

Here is the full tracklist of the upcoming album:
1. Brook Pridemore Intro/I'm Gonna Treat This Room
2. (Theme From) Elastic No-No Band
3. Oh Magali
4. Hot As I Are
5. I Wonder How Many People Are Screwing Tonight
6. Making Out At Work (Don't Work) (feat. Toby Goodshank)
7. Red (feat. Chris Andersen)
8. A Taste of Cheese Fries (Not At All Live)
9. I Am Klaus Kinski (And This Is My Song) (feat. Joe Crow Ryan)
10. Run-DMC (feat. Joe Crow Ryan)
11. (The Shame About) Manboobs
12. Hey 2-Eyes
13. The Color Machine (feat. Brook Pridemore and Ariel Bitran)